Delivering on our promises

Agriculture and Rural Development


Ghana possesses an extensive array of tourist attractions that include UNESCO heritage Sites, Forts and Castles, ancient mosques, slave trade artefacts, indigenous craft villages and various wildlife sanctuaries. The focus of the government has been focused on transforming the country into a major Meeting, Incentive, Conference, & Exhibition (MICE) centre, as well as on expanding the tourism sector, through investment, innovation, the pursuit of service excellence and meaningful partnerships. This is expected to enable tourism to become a major revenue-generating sector that provides safe, memorable and enjoyable experience for tourists.


Events and Initiatives

The government has been taking advantage of some routine events to promote tourism and enhance national identity. For instance, the National Chocolate Day was organised under the theme “Eat Ghana, Eat Chocolate” to add to the campaign of encouraging local consumption of cocoa products locally. The nation stands to benefit more by processing and consuming more cocoa products because the local demand will create more jobs through the cocoa value chain. Events are also organised during the Easter festivities and commemoration of the United Nations World Tourism Day.


The government has also launched several initiatives and projects to boost tourism which key is for the hospitality industry in Ghana. As part of its objective to develop domestic tourism, through Ghanaian culture and creative arts, the Ghana Tourism Authority under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and its partner agencies launched the “See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana” campaign. Among other things, the campaign is expected increase the sense of national pride among Ghanaians and to patronise everything made in Ghana. This is important in boosting local industries and creating jobs.


Year of Return

Furthermore, in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the arrival of African slaves in America, the government of Ghana launched “The Year of Return” campaign in 2019. The campaign targeted Africans in the diaspora to come to Ghana and be exposed to the numerous opportunities available. As a result of The Year of Return over US$ 237 million was directly injected into Ghana’s economy by the visitors. A record number of 126 visitors were granted Ghanaian citizenship and many from the diaspora have set up businesses, made investments or purchased property in Ghana. Additionally, celebrities who visited Ghana on account of The Year of Return generated free Public Relations (PR) for Ghana worth some US$ 3.5 million.


Tourist Sites Development

It is important that tourist sites are in good conditions to continue attracting tourists. For this reason, the government has been working to upgrade numerous tourist sites in the nation. The Forestry Commission in collaboration with a private investor are developing Kakum National Park in Central Region, Ankasa Forest Reserve in Western Region, Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary in the Ashanti and Shai Hills Resource Reserve in the Greater Accra Region as ecotourism sites of international standards. Plans are also far advanced for finalisation of plans to increase visitation, jobs and income for host communities.


Marine Drive Tourism Investment Project

The government constituted a Special Purpose Vehicle to speed up the implementation of the Marine Drive Tourism Investment Project. The project is an ambitious one which is expected to change the face of tourism in Ghana. The project is expected to cover 241 acres, stretching from Christianborg Castle at Osu to the Arts Center under a Private-Public Partnership arrangement. The project is expected to cost US$1.2 billion and is also expected to create about 600,000 jobs directly and indirectly. When completed, the project is expected to have hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, a cultural village, recreational centres, malls, casinos among others.


Tourism Quality Assurance Programme

The quality of service many tourists expect is not always met in Ghana. This is partly because service delivery standards for the tourism and hospitality sectors in Ghana has not been outstanding. In line with establishing a leading professional hospitality and catering skills training centre, the Hotel, Catering and Tourism Training Institute (HOTCATT) developed a strategic plan and service delivery standard to guide training within the sector. Furthermore, the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has inspected and licenced 9,374 tourism enterprises to improve quality of service delivery. Improvement in the quality of service delivery will enhance customer satisfaction which can help to increase participation in tourism.


Culture, Creative Arts and Heritage Management Programme

One of the issues that limit the growth of the creative industry in Ghana is the lack of appropriate venues to hold events. The response of this government has been to construct 1,500 capacity theatre in the Eastern Region and another one is under construction in Kumasi. Also, the Creative Arts Industry Bill is at Cabinet for consideration. The Act will amongst others establish the Creative Arts Fund and an Agency to promote the Industry. The Act will enable government to organize the Creative Arts industry and create an enabling environment through direct and indirect support for practitioners and industry players to impact on national development



  • See Ghana, East Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana campaign launched to boost domestic tourism and increase sense of national pride among Ghanaians.
  • Year of Return helped to attract additional 237,000 visitors to Ghana, injected over US$237 million into economy and generated free PR worth US$3.5 million.
  • Upgrade of five tourism sites into international standard ecotourism sites.
  • US$1.2 billion Marine Drive Tourism Investment Project which is expected to create 600,000 jobs is under construction.
  • Strategic Plan and Service Delivery Standard to training in tourism and hospitality industry developed
  • 9,374 tourism enterprises inspected and licensed.